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All members are expected to uphold the following code of ethics

The Responsibilities of the Representative towards the Principal:

•  To comply with the terms and conditions of sale as determined by the principal.
•  Conscientiously to cover the defined area, customers or branch of the Representation.
•  To avoid all forms of incorrect or false representation.
•  To contract relationships only with those Principals whom the Representative is able to represent well.
•  Not to represent the lines of competitors without the written consent of the Principal.
•  To make every effort at all times to add value to the relationship between the Principal and the customers.

The responsibilities of the Principal towards the Representative

•  To enter into a fair, clearly worded written Representation Agreement, which responds to the needs, expectations and objects of both parties.
•  To avoid amending the terms of such an agreement except with mutual written consent, following a full discussion on the matter.
•  To recognize the Representation as an important element in the commercial objects of the Principal.
•  To try at all times to support the efforts of the Representation on the basis of timely response and open communication.

The responsibilities of the Representation towards the Customer

•  To promote only those products or services which are to the best interests of the Customer.
•  To try at all times to upgrade the relationship between the Principal and the customer.
•  To make known in a clear and fair way the needs of all the parties in the commercial relationship.
•  To process Customers' problems and queries with speed and precision.

The responsibilities of one Representation towards another

•  To share the same knowledge that s of benefit to the profession of Representative.
•  Not to use unfair methods in order to attract the Customers of another Representation.
•  To co-operate with a view to upgrading the professional relationship of the Representation and the Principals on the basis of support of the Cyprus Commercial Representatives Association (CCRA), which was established for this purpose. To endorse the aims and objectives of the Association, and take all practical steps to promote the commercial interests of all Representations and their Principals. 

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