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The Cyprus Commercial Representatives Association (CCRA) has for the past 46 years followed a steady, upward course in its progress and growth, becoming a well-recognized and significant organization. The Association dates back to 1963 when pioneers of the sector joined forces to deal with their common problems, thus increasing their prospects for success. Today, the association amounts 266 members.

The work of the CCRA was directed into more professional methods and practices when the Association joined the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 1976. The Commercial Representatives Association's membership of the Cyprus Chamber has been and continues to be a great benefit. Not only has it provided the Association with the support and cover of the organized business community of Cyprus in all aspects of its activities but it has also allowed the CCRA to achieve a powerful voice in the country's economic matters.

Among the priorities of the Cyprus Commercial Representatives Association is a commitment to the steady development of commerce. This is an important and vital sector of activity in Cyprus, aided by the island's key geographical position at the meeting point of three Continents, its excellent travel communications and its highly developed services industry.

A major objective of the CCRA has been the enactment of legislation for safeguarding the profession of the commercial representative from undesirable encroachments and interventions. The CCRA is well established as a major promoter and protector of proper commercial practices. Most valuable to this end is the membership of the CCRA in the International Union of Commercial Agents and Brokers (IUCAB). Therefore, CCRA is kept fully informed about international practices and to ensure that Cyprus commercial practices follow their guidelines. The membership of CCRA in this union not as a simple member, but under the attribute of President, constitutes an honour for Cyprus. Mr Kriton Phitidis was unanimously elected President of IUCAB on 24/4/08. The association will work with zeal for the further expanding of relations between the members of National associations of Europe and America.

The CCRA is keeping a close watch on all matters of concern in this sector. It ensures the compliance by the commercial representatives of Cyprus with international professional practices and their adjustments to the new concepts of globalization and the liberalization of trade.

Finally, the CCRA has frequent contact with the Federation of Associations of Independent Commercial Representatives of Greece and with the twinned Associations of Athens, Piraeus, Western and Northern Greece, in order to exchange opinions, as well to encourage collaborations between our members.                 

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