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130df78As the president of Cyprus Commercial Representatives Association, I welcome you to the CCRA website on the Internet.

Cyprus geographical position, situated at the meeting point of the three Continents Europe, Asia and Africa, has been and remains among the pioneer countries in developing both bilateral and regional commerce. However, commerce in Cyprus is not confined to these Continents and trade is conducted from here worldwide, bringing with it all the benefits of close cooperation, understanding and progress among peoples of different cultures.

Throughout its long history Cyprus has played an important role as a transit center for inter-continental and trans-continental routes. Thus, Cypriots have a rich background of commercial experience to draw from. Their expertise spreads through a broad range of specialties and entrepreneurship within the commercial sector are in a position to serve many and diverse fields of interest.

In the CCRA web pages you will find useful information about the Association. In an easy-to-use format, you will find all available information about commercial representatives and the distribution of consumer goods in Cyprus. Its contents are comprehensive and it is felt that it will prove to be a useful tool for all those involved in commercial activity with Cyprus.

I would particularly like to stress our thanks to our sponsors the Council of Commercial Agents and all those who have helped us succeed in completing this project.

Mr. Philippou Nicolas
Cyprus Commercial Representatives Association 

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